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Hopi Kachinas and Ceremonies are synonymous: Hopi Kachinas are supernaturals embodying the spirits of ancestors and living beings, that have died and became a part of nature. Kachina supernaturals may distribute food, blessings, accept prayers, cure disease,grow corn and other crops, bring clouds, rain and preside over ceremonies. They also, insure fertility, in humans, plants and animals and reinforce order, discipline in the Hopi way of life. A Kachina Doll is not idolized or worshipped, but it requires respect.


 Hopi Nation: Tino Youvella First Mesa (Pollacca) hand carved Clown Kachina Doll , 8", $750.00



Hopi Nation: Kevin Poocha Hototo Kachina Doll, 7" ht, SOLD


Not For Sale: Hopi Nation Kachina Doll 12" Not For Sale:



wpe80.gif (25412 bytes) Hopi Nation:  Manuel Denet Chavarria Hilili Kachina Doll, 11.5" height traditional carving, $625.00


Eagle Kachina 151/2"  x 113/4" Not For Sale



wpe83.gif (27198 bytes) Hopi Nation: Manuel Denet Chavarria Koyemsi - Mud Head Kachina Doll traditionally carved in earth colors 11" height, $450.00




Hopi Nation: Tino Youvella carved Tutumsi Kachina Doll, 7",  SOLD


Hopi Nation: Ahote Kachina Doll carved by the son in law of Tino Youvella, 8", $1800.00


  Elliot Adams: Hopi Nation Poli Mana, 12", $425.00


Kevin Poocha: Hopi Nation First Mesa Crow Mother, 9.5", $465.00



wpe75.gif (73761 bytes) Hopi Nation: Kachina Doll Crow Mother :Private Collection




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