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Old Pawn Definition: Jewelry that has been pawned to a Trader or Dealer and never redeemed. Ownership changes, to the Trader or Dealer, who may legally sell the merchandise for its value. Pawn Jewelry is highly prized because it is unique and one of a kind. Although , some contemporary jewelers have attempted to duplicate some pawn, the value and quality does not diminish, because of the intrinsic characteristics.

TURQUOISE: To Native Americans, this blue gem that comes from Mother Earth is a sign of wealth and a symbol of protection from the forces of evil. The SKY STONE as it is sometimes called, has life giving power from the HEAVENS.


Old Pawn Squash Blossom Necklace

Old Pawn Bracelet: circa

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Silver Coin Necklace: Domed Half-Dollars, Domed Quarters, Domed Dimes, Museum Quality, circa 1964, $10,500.00


Navajo Nation: 3 inch inlayed Cuff Bracelet by Begay circa 1970's, $2000.00


Zuni Nation: Old Pawn Silver and Turquoise Bracelet, circa 1950's, $325.00



Navajo Nation: Circa 1950's Belt with 5 Silver Conchos  and 6 Silver Butterflies plus Silver Buckle on black leather, $1650.00



Navajo Nation: Concho Belt inlayed with 2" and  3" Concho Buckle, circa 1970's by artist Joe Tom, Museum Quality Collectible, $15,000.00



Ute Nation: Horse Hair Belt with Navajo Nation German Silver Buckle and Hubble Trading Post Merchandise Coin Number 6344. This is truly a collectors item, $500.00


Pawn: Silver Bracelet with 1" Turquoise center piece, $775.00


Navajo Nation: 3 inch Buffalo Cuff Bracelet by Tommy Singer, $7500.00






Old Pawn Silver Cross Necklace, circa early 1900's, $2500.00


Old Pawn Bracelet: 7 old Turquoise stones set in Silver Bezels with 5 supporting bands, circa 1940, $625.00


Navajo Nation: Charlie Singer inlayed Eagle Necklace Museum Collectible, circa 1970's extremely rare jewelry, $3500.00



Old Pawn Bracelet: Silver, Jet & Turquoise Inlay showing Kachina Dancers, $650.00        




Pawn: SOLD



Old Pawn Bracelet: Silver & Turquoise Nugget, $650.00



Pawn Bracelet: Four part wrought Silver shank with elaborate decorations, Feathers twisted Wire, Rain Clouds, Flowers & Sun, large Turquoise stone circa 1950, $645.00


Shadow Box Bracelet: Silver & Turquoise with Bear Claws, $525.00



Pawn Belt Buckle: Museum quality, Silver with Sun Rays emanating from the center, $625.00



Necklace: Old Pawn, 6 Silver Dollars & Domed Dimes, Pendant two Yei Figures with Turquoise Nuggets, Museum Quality, circa 1934, $2400.00                                                                               

Najahe or Naja: The Crescent pendant is a form of high esteem to the Navajo.



Old Pawn Bracelet: Sand-cast Silver with semi loops 3 green Turquoise stones showing wear, circa 1900, $1200.00



Old Pawn Bracelet: Five square Turquoise Stones in wire wrapped bezels & three supporting bands, circa 1920, $1000.00



Navajo Nation: Old pawn silver bracelet intricately designed, Medicine Rock, Dog herding Sheep, Horse at the water trough, Warriors & Man walking toward a Hogan, $725.00



Old Pawn : Silver Butterfly Belt Buckle with a green Turquoise Nugget , 3.25" X 2.5", $600.00


Silver Cross 4.25" x 3.3" with 3/4" Diameter Turquoise & 16" Silver Chain ca.1940-1950, $600.00


Zuni Silver & Turquoise Pendants, Left $175.00 / Right $155.00      

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Items in the private collection are of historical or cultural significance.

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