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Hopi Nation: Elidia Chapella Saucer with Serpent Design  $260.00;  Pot with Butterfly Design $220.00                                                   Historical Note: Elidia Chapella explained to me that her father is an original Hopi Code Talker in WW II.                                              


wpe36.gif (74426 bytes) Hopi Sikyatki Polychrome Private Collection


Hopi / Hano Tulip Polychrome: Artist Viola Howto, Chicomovi, produced ca. 1940 museum quality vase 3.5"x 5.5", $3,500.00


Acoma Canteen with missing handle and top,  5" x 7", circa early 1900's, $250.00


Acoma Nation: Seed Pot by B. Delorme, 2.75"ht. x  2.5"dia. circa 1990, $225.00


Zia Nation: Pottery circa early 1900's, $1400.00


  L.R.G: Navajo Nation, 10"ht x 5"wd, $180.00



Zia Nation: Large Pot, circa 1800's, $3000.00



Santa Clara Nation: Fidel "Onquan Peen" Archuleta, ca. 1970 Black polished pot with removable Brown plateau top & a turquoise nugget, collectors quality, 3"x 3.25", $1,200.00


  Salado Pot: Prehistoric Brown on Black bowl showing use, excellently preserved and priced, 7.25"x 3.25", $250.00


Carla Nampeyo: Hopi Nation pot incised with Kachina Dancer, exquisite color differentiation & design and clarity, museum quality, 7" x 2.5", $1600.00


Hopi/Tewa Nations: Roberta Youvella Silas of First Mesa is a premiere maker of Polychrome Pots, 8" height, $1200.00


B.Tafoya: Jemez Nation Carved Seed Pot, Images, Sun, Bear Claw, Feathers, Antelope, exquisitely designed,$475.00

Peen A: San Ildefanso Pueblo Nation, SOLD

Acoma: Seed Pots, SOLD

Zuni Nation: Sofia Medina, SOLD

Gertrude Adams: Hopi Nation,SOLD


wpe80.gif (36618 bytes) Santa Clara Nation: C.Nieto Left Rear 1.5" x 2.25" $175.00, Left Front 2" x 1.75" $175.00, Right Rear 2" x 1.5" $165.00 are all inscribed.   J.Gallegos Right Front 1.75" x 1" $150.00.                    Santa Domingo Nation: Helen Bird Center Pot 4" x 3.25" $325.00


Hopi Nation: 1st.Mesa, Neva Reyna pottery Rear row beginning on the Right to Left ( 4" x 2.5" $120.00), Center Rear (1.75" x 3.5" $110.00),                                Left Rear(3" x 3" $95.00) Center Row Right Side(3.75 x 1.75 $85.00) Center Row Middle(3"x 2.5" $110.00) Center Row Left(3"x 2.5" $85.00),  Front (2.75"x 2.25" $85.00)


wpeA7.gif (20137 bytes) Hopi Nation:1st. Mesa, Left- Neva Reyna 3" x 2.5", $85.00.  Center- Gertrude Adams 4" x 2", $110.   Right - Neva Reyna 3" x 2" $85.00


wpeA8.gif (20115 bytes) Hopi Nation: 1st. Mesa, Left- Neva Reyna 3" x 2.5", 110.00.   Center- M. Pashano 3.5 x 2" $85.00.  Right- Laura Chapella 3" 2", $70.00


Navajo Nation: Rita Manygoats 4"x 7.75" Vase, the absence of decorations contribute to the exquisite design, $450.00


Zia Nation: Seed Pots are storage vessels that prevent moisture from entering by closing the small hole in the center, depicting traditional colors and design, $265.00


Navajo Nation: Large Coiled Olla with Shield & Feather traditional design,11" x 5",



  Navajo Nation: Rose Manygoats Wedding Vase is typical of the exquisite quality that is characteristic of her artistic ability.  This pot is adorned with Toads for good luck, 10"x 6", $425.00



  Santa Clara Nation: Vickie Martinez Tan on Black intricately carved with Pueblo,                Feathers & Water Serpent museum quality, 8" x 11", $985.00



  Santa Clara Nation: Vickie Martinez  a Tan on Black bowl decorative geometric design including a water Serpent, museum quality, 5.5" x 4.75", $495.00



  Santa Domingo Nation: Vidal Aguilar, premiere quality large bowl with geometric designs on the exterior.  This is a Ceremonial Bowl with two Deer munching on their favorite plant.  Pottery of this size & decoration are rare items, 13.75" diameter x 6" height, $3600.00


Santa Clara Nation: Madeline Tafoya,  SOLD



Hopi Nation: Clinton Polacca Nampeyo, jar with traditional design, 5" x 5.5", $495.00



wpe85.gif (49868 bytes) San Ildefonso Nation: Artist Peen A.  It's the 1992 First Place Winner at Pasadena, CA., Original American Indian & Western Relic Show, a collectors dream, 5.5" x 7.5", $4800.00


wpe7F.gif (19270 bytes) Hopi Nation: Black on Red pot, circa middle 20th century, 4.5" x 4.25", $495.00



wpe95.gif (20853 bytes) Tesuque Nation: Early Twentieth Century Pot 7" x 5.25" unsigned, $975.00




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