Roulette can be termed as the life-force of any casino. Casinos see thousands of footfalls owing to the popularity of roulette. However, after a point of time, roulette might tend to get boring, and people might start losing interest in casino games. Therefore, for the sake of breaking your casino monotony, here is an article that sheds light on some roulette variations that can spice up your day at a casino.

Alphabetic Roulette:

Alphabetic Roulette works pretty much the same way as regular roulette except for the fact that the wheel contains letters instead of numbers. There are 25 possibilities through the letters A to X and a single possibility for the letters Y and Z. This type of roulette also features six different colours, each of which shall have four letters beside it. Alphabetic Roulette can also be played using a deck of 25 cards, which is just another variation of the game.

Back 2 Back Roulette:

Not many casinos have this type of roulette, but Back to Back Roulette (or Back 2 Back Roulette) is just another variation of roulette which can enhance your gaming experience in a casino. The game gives you an optional side bet on the numbers you deem lucky, and if a number hits twice in a row, you happen to win a certain amount.

Double Action Roulette:

Double Action Roulette involves two balls, and the involvement of an extra ball is perhaps the only thing that sets it apart from the other traditional forms of roulette. However, unlike the regular types of roulette, the chances of emerging as a winner in Double Action Roulette are more. There are three different ways to win a hand at this game of roulette. One if you place an outside bet, one if you place an inside bet and one if both the balls land on the inside bet.

Prime Time Roulette:

As the name suggests, the game involves betting on the 11 prime numbers on the wheel. Payouts for the game depend on how many times a prime number appears on the bet. If the ball lands on a number that is not a prime number, the bet must be considered lost. This is quite all that there is to play this game.


Gambling does not always have to mean doom if you know how to abide by the rules, play safe and keep your head in the game. One of the most sought after games in a casino would be roulette, and it is always great to find fun alternative forms of the banana video game. Therefore, if you have been bitten by the bug of monotony when it comes to roulette, consider the aforementioned options.

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