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Knife Sheath 19th Century : Private Collection



 Private Collection: Buffalo Bone hide wrapped haft Obsidian Knife



wpe79.gif (103505 bytes) Museum quality Mayan Ceremonial Knife 3.5" x 7.5", $8500.00


Not For Sale Warriors fighting knife with Buffalo Bone necklace and hoof, late 1800's- early 1900's,  Not For Sale                        


   Ceremonial Horse Head Club circa mid 1800's, $2500.00                


Apr22_19.jpg (26777 bytes) Pre- 1900's Plains Knife with Brass Tacks on the grip and Buffalo Hide Sheath, blade is 11.5" , grip is 6.3", collected by Lt. William Clark US Army, Camp Robinson, $1525.00


Ceremonial Tomahawk and Sheath, circa 1800's, $3000.00


Prehistoric Northwest Coast; Whale Rib Ceremonial Fighting Dagger  20.5" length x 2.3"blade width.                         the haft is a carved Eagles' Head on both sides 8" length x 2.3" width, this is a museum quality collectible, $4500.00


Extremely Collectible Early 1800's War Club Hide wrapped stone tied to the Shaft like                          a pendulum with Horse Hair on the end, approximate length 25", $6,500.00


Mexican Bowie:19th Century, Metal Cross Guard & Pommel Cap, 9", Circles Stamped on the Blade, New Mexico Territorial Collection, $235.00



Mexican Bowie:19th Century Wooden Handle, with Incising. Brass Cross Guard & Pommel Cap, two Inlayed Silver Circles, 13", New Mexico Territorial Collection, $275.00



Mexican Bowie:19th Century, Turned Ebony Handle, Silver Inlay, Length 9.5", Brass Cross Guard & Bolster, with Zig - Zag Floral Etching on both sides of the blade, with arrow in the center, Leather Case, $380.00



Spanish Dagger:19th Century, Brass Cross Guard, Horn Handle, Hi Chromium Floral Etched Blade, 11.5" Knife Polished & Cleaned, New Mexico Territorial Collection, with Leather Case, $425.00



Late19th or early 20th Century New Mexico knife collection : Left to Right,

1.Mexican Bowie, Wood handle, turned Brass bolster & Cross guard, makers mark on the blade, 8.75", $175.00

2.Spanish Dagger 9.5", $150.00 SALE PENDING, Layaway

3.Mexican Bowie, Brass cross guard, Pommel & Bolster, turned wooden handle, makers stamp on the Blade, 9.25",$175.00

4.Mexican Bowie, Copper cross guard, Brass bolster & Pommel cap, turned wooden handle, 8.25" SOLD

5.Spanish territorial period, Cibola, Buffalo skinning knife, with makers stamp on the blade, 8", SOLD

6.Mexican Bowie, turned horn grip, Brass Pommel & cross guard, collected in Rio Arriba County, N.M., 11", $175.00

Items in the private collection are of historical or cultural significance. Purchase negotiations and viewing arrangements may be made by E-mailing the Rainmaker.


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