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Rainmaker's Baskets

Basket: Navajo Nation Wedding Basket,

2 ring Red Polychrome, 13"x 2", circa 1950, $160




Apache Nation: Tus Basket covered with resin to facilitate carrying water 14" Width x 11" Height, and Horse Hair carrying handles circa 1800's, $15,000.00



Basket: Apache Nation tight weaved with vase shape, 8" x5.25", $225


Mission Basket: Coiled bowl shape, 3 ring Red Polychrome,  

13"x 5", circa 1940, $370


Mission Basket: Coiled bowl shape,

7ring Red Polychrome center, circa 1940, $470


Highly Collectible: California Mission Burden Basket 1900's, 15" x 15" $2500.00


Basket: Mississippi area oval ceremonial basket tray, with 3 different weaving patterns, willow weave around perimeter, 10' X 12", circa 1930, $270


Extremely Collectible: 1800's Papago Basket 7" x 12.5", $3500.00


Collectible Basket: Made by the Great Grand Mother of Bow Heuter on the Oneida Reservation north of Green Bay Wisconsin in the 1900's, 12" x 12" , $3500.00


Collectible Serpent Basket 12" x 12" $4000.00


Basket: Decorative Food carrier with 4 colored bands, Green, Red, Black & Brown,

 12" x 3.5",circa 1940, $245 



Basket: Ceremonial Oval shaped with Eagle Design, 14.5" x 3", circa 1940, $240




Basket: Burden with stitched rawhide on the bottom for loads, 11.5" x 5", circa 1940, $380




Basket: Apache burden type twinned with Red & Black banded design standing warp, twig coil on rim, reinforced with Buckskin on the bottom & fringe onsides, 10"x10"x10", circa 1920-1930, $235


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