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Old Pawn Bracelet: Darin Bill Silversmith, Solid Silver with Sunburst & Cloud formation on the interior and exterior, $375.00


Private Collection: Items are Not for Sale


wpe80.gif (15688 bytes) Necklace: Red & Black Heart Trade beads found extensively on California Historic sites squaw tied 19" long each side, $150.00


  Necklace with assorted ornaments from Gallup, New Mexico, 22" strand $250.00


Red-yellow Heart Trade Beads,1/2" diameter 24 inch strand found in California 1800-1830 called    Cordelene Del AKeppoCalepo originally from Syria.  Traded by the American Fur Co. at Fort Union North Dakota, this is a collectors item, $850.00


Oct30_12.jpg (12201 bytes) Archaic Period: Knife Blade tan chert, 3.5" x 2.25", found in Texas, $165.00


Early 1800's Wooden War Club 16" long x 3" width tapered and finished, $1600.00


1881Photograph: This "cabinet photograph" taken by Ben Wittick in 1881, shows Geronimo (seated, center and braves at San Carlos before they left the Government reservation, before they left the reservation. $200.00

Photograph of a young Juarista, $100.00

Not for Sale. According to Historians this Bear Claw Necklace with the Mother of Pearl Pendant was traded for a new automobile circa 1950. Not for Sale.


Pomo Native American: Old Pawn Trade Bead Necklace 12" diameter from Midway Trading Post, circa early 1900's antique collectible, $450.00


Oct30_03.jpg (7988 bytes) Late Archaic Period: Ca.1500-1000 BC, Lance Head Mulberry Creek Type, white stemmed cream chert, 3.5" x 1.25", $160.00

Photograph of the Apache at San Carlos Reservation during the late 19th and early 20th Century, $150.00


Pomo Native American: Old Pawn Trade Bead Necklace 17" from Midway Trading Post, circa early 1900's antique collectible, $450.00


Oct30_11.jpg (12331 bytes) Knife Blade: Ovate shape 3.25"x 1.75", Fine Grain Quartzsite, found in Louisiana, $150.00

Photograph of the Hopi Snake Dance courtesy of Colorado State Historical Society Library, $3500.00


Pomo Native American: Old Pawn Trade Bead Necklace 6" from Midway Trading Post, circa early 1900's antique collectible, $200.00

Photograph of a Black Cowboy in the 19th Century, $150.00


Oct30_14.jpg (7542 bytes) Early Woodland Period: Ca. 1000- 400 BC, Lance Point Molted Grey & Cream stemmed Beaver Tail type,               3.25" x .75", found in Tennessee, $150.00

Photographic copy of an Apache Dance Ca. 1900, by E. Bates, $150.00


Pomo Native American: Old Pawn Trade Bead Dress Ornament from Midway Trading Post, circa early 1900's antique collectible, $100.00

Photograph of a Hopi Basket Weaver circa, 1900's, $150.00


wpe7E.gif (78400 bytes) Old Pawn Necklace: Museum quality with contemporary clasp, $1000.00



wpe2B.gif (9262 bytes) Necklace: Antique Museum Quality Silver & Coral approximately 18", $225.00


wpe5D.gif (99491 bytes) Pawn Fetish Necklace: Adorned with Bears, Foxes, Wolfs, Turtles, Fish, Birds, Cougars & more, $325.00 SALE PENDING, Layaway


Old Pawn: Navajo Nation Silver cigarette lighter holder made by B. Nez, with an intricate design composed of Feathers, Flowers, Coral & Turquoise, the reverse has a name inlayed in Turquoise, C. Buford, $225.00


Pawn Silver Bracelet: Design includes three different Pots & Plateaus, $200.00



Old Pawn Cuff  Bracelet: Silver & Turquoise with overlay depicting the Sun and its rays as seen from three different positions, $550.00


wpe84.gif (30026 bytes) Necklace: Turquoise, Heshi Beads, Angel Coral, $125.00


wpe87.gif (31997 bytes) Single strand Turquoise necklace, Diameter 14", $160.00



Historical: Pedestal 8" diameter & Grinder 3.4" length, $260.00


wpe24.gif (8602 bytes) Necklace: Silver & Turquoise nuggets with Heshi Beads, circa 1930, $180.00


     Necklace: Delbert Crespin hand carved combination, Abalone, Turquoise, Jet, Pipestone & Heshi Beads, museum quality 24" strand.  The center piece dimensions 2" length and 1.75" at the base, $700.00


    Hand carved 24" strand Necklace, Eagles, Turquoise, Pipestone, Jet, Abalone, with Heshi beads, a collectors work of art. $725.00



  Necklace: Two strands of Turquoise nuggets & Heshi beads, $230.00


Joclas or Jacla are ear drops or earrings when worn or double strands of turquoise suspended at the bottom of the necklace.


Old Pawn Necklace: String tied turquoise necklace with (Jocla or Jacla) suspended at the bottom, $425.00



Old Pawn Necklace: String tied turquoise necklace with two double strand Joclas suspended at the bottom, $525.00



Necklace: This is a unique collectors work of art, hand carved Bears &Turquoise eyes, arrow heart line.  $365.00


Zuni: Flower Pendant & Sunburst Pendant, circa 1940, $125.00 each



wpe29.gif (4696 bytes) Necklace: Silver Beads & Turquoise Nuggets secured with Silver Feathers, circa 1950, $160


Items in the private collection are of historical or cultural significance. Purchase negotiations and viewing arrangements may be made by E-mailing the Rainmaker.



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